About M90USA

M90USA (Middle 90 percent of USA) seeks to become the largest non-partisan accountability organization tasked to hold elected officials and governmental agencies accountable under law.  We formed as a result of the unlawful and unconstitutional conduct of the 2020 federal election, as it became apparent law enforcement agencies had become so corrupted they actually contributed to frauds conducted against the Citizens of the United States.  Our mission is to restore our nation to be a true "representative republic" and a nation of laws that apply to all citizens regardless of political status, or economic might.


 M90USA Mission Statement

1.   Educate the American People regarding the purest element of the United States Constitution “the right of the people” to “a republican form of government.”   

2.  Build an organization of American citizens to regain and then maintain control and oversight of the election processes used to "chose" the people’s representatives in government.

3.  Remove all forms of corruption, collusion, and unlawful conduct from all areas of government, including the illegal conduct of members of Congress and the two major political parties.

4.   Assist all Americans in regaining absolute control over all aspects of government by revealing evidence of the unlawful conduct of the two controlling enterprises who have illegally seized control of every aspect of American Citizens' lives, by acts of fraud, fear mongering, and malfeasance.

5. Help provide a viable platform for the emergence of multiple political parties on the national stage and to end the "two party dictatorship" and totalitarian control on all aspects of government currently held by the Democratic and Republican party / enterprise operatives that operate against the best interests of the American public.

6.  Inform representatives in government of their lawful duties and then hold them accountable for their conduct under strict interpretation of law. And;

7. Become the first and preeminent accountability movement assuring the peace, tranquility, and liberty interests of all Americans uniformly.